Talk of the Town: The Gannet will be back in August

The Gannet returns from 12th August. The Finnieston restaurant has a renewed sense of purpose, a modified dining room and changed opening hours.

They launched a community kitchen during lockdown that helped provide meals for the most vulnerable in the city. The rest of the time was spent recharging their creative batteries, spending time with the family, then connecting with the producers that provide the building blocks for the restaurant’s menus and thinking about the future. There was also a cooking video for the Glasgowist Facebook page.


The Gannet 2.0 will have more of a focus on evening dining with lunch confined to the weekend. There’s changes to the seating and lighting to create a better sense of space and add to the dining experience.

Hot and cold oysters along with Scottish grown truffles will be some of the ingredients that feature on the latest menu which will retain its seasonal focus.

Bookings are now open.